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About Us

Wynn Whimsical Events

With over 10 years experience in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industries; Wynn have managed several hot spots in LA & Orange County, and planned hundreds of events. While working as a hotel event planner, She  discovered that Event Planning, Production, and Photography was truly her passion. Whimsical Events was born out of this passion and a strong desire to help others turn their dreams into reality. We do this through a firm commitment to detail and an overwhelming belief that anything is possible.

Her fascination with the intricate details, creating a world outside of the norm. Whether you want a beautiful landscape or an elegant ball, we are committed to turning your fantasy into reality. Our expertise in set design, staging, and lighting allow us to bring your theme to life. Meticulous attention to detail and impeccable service are sure to create a once in a lifetime experience.

In order to bring fun and fantasy to the events, you must think outside of the box. Where cakes are topsy turby, color pallets are mixed match, flowers aren't always centerpieces, kids parties are fanciful, baby showers aren't the simple blue or pink, or birthdays can be more than a cake....

Beyond event planning, Wynn also have a desire for photography. Working alongside the best photographers, she like to capture life's every moment. Nothing is more priceless than to capture the bride and groom being sweet when no one is looking, a baby's first smile, kids at their happiest, friends that can't stop laughing, and families never wanting to let go... She believes event planning and photography go hand in hand because life's most memorable moments are when friends and family can come together for a celebration.


Wynn's unique vision and passion for picture taking has brought my creative side to life. Each event is a blank canvas; no idea is too big or too small, too realistic or too far-fetched. The Sky is the limit...